Automatic Doors

AAA are proud to be the leading distributor of Entrematic product in the UK. We can support your project by providing:

Automatic Sliding Doors:

PSL-100 Automatic Sliding Door Operator150_IMG_PSL100

Rugged, Scalable, Great aesthetics



PSL-150 Automatic Sliding Door Operator150_IMG_PSL150

Intelligent, Scalable, Excellent Longevity



DSTA-20 Automatic Sliding Door Operator150_IMG_COMAR3_PIC

Intelligent, Scalable, Excellent Longevity




Automatic Swing Doors:

EMSW Automatic Swing Door Operator150_IMG_EMSW

Rugged, Excellent Longevity



EMSW EMO Automatic Swing Door Operator150_IMG_EMSW_EMO

Intelligent, Silent, Scalable



PSW250 Automatic Swing Door Operator150_IMG_PSW250

Powerful, Rugged, Advanced