New updates from Brackley Leisure Centre !

Busy time of the year, working on various sites and trying to keep our followers up to date with as many jobs as possible, and Brackley Leisure Centre is definitely one project we owe our audience some updates on, so here it is, few weeks since we last posted about it. All its progress to date can be checked out on its dedicated section here.

Brackley Progress 14.jpg

Throwback Thursday – 5. Moorlands Free School / Linden Academy, Luton

Throwback Thursday is back and today it takes us two years back, to the summer of 2016, when we completed the beautiful Linden Academy in Luton, formerly known as Moorlands Free School. Everything you need to know about this job is available on the project’s page here.

TBT - Moorlands Linden 1

Lister House progress alert!

Not long since we’ve shown you the very first pictures of Lister House Medical Centre and we’ve already got progress on site to be proud of! Check it out here and come back regularly to see the changes we’re conscientiously keeping you updated with.

Lister House Progress 4.jpg

Job done at Vauxhall Croydon!

We are very happy to say that the works at the GO Vauxhall Garage in Croydon have come to an end! The route this new build has followed can be seen from start to finish on its dedicated project page.

Vauxhall Croydon complete.jpeg

Brise soleil in place at Brackley Leisure Centre!

We promised our readers a full picture of the Brise Soleil at Brackley Leisure Centre on our last update and here it is: all complete and looking stunning! Want a closer look? More pictures of this are available on the project’s page.

Brackley Brise Soleil (6).jpg

New progress achieved at Rickmansworth School!

Fresh pictures just arrived from site and thought we’d share them with our followers interested to see what else has changed at Rickmansworth School since our last update. Those willing to check out the latest pictures can do it here and we’re hoping the noticeable progress was worth the waiting!Ricmnasworth School progress 9.jpg

Brise soleil shaping up at Brackley Leisure Centre!

Just over a week since we last updated our readers on Brackley Leisure Centre and we’ve already got something new to write about: the brand new Brise Soleil that’s going in these days. Check it out from a few more angles here and come back soon for the full picture!Brackley Brise Soleil (1)